Chattanooga Promotional Contest                  as advertised on J103



Tennessee Aquarium Family Membership (Value $175)

Drawing Date August 21, 2017


Giveaway Contest Rules:


All entries are read by real human beings, so entries that do not conform to the simple rules below will be invalidated.


A valid entry consists of a submitted Service Excellence Report regarding an experience as a customer at a Chattanooga area business within the last 30 days.  You must complete and submit the report.


The business you are providing feedback for cannot be a national chain like McDonald’s, Walgreen’s, Home Depot, etc.  You also cannot provide feedback regarding government organizations.  We are only seeking feedback regarding locally owned, non-national entities.


You may enter an unlimited number of times as long as each entry is providing feedback for a different business.  You may not provide feedback regarding the same business more than once in a 30-day period.


If you provide feedback in between contest periods, your entry will be automatically added to the next contest.


Do not submit entries from multiple email addresses as this is not necessary.  You may enter an unlimited number of times as explained above so long as each entry is genuine.


If you are filling out more than one Service Excellence Report please refresh the page after each entry.



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