Testimonials from Subscribing Businesses


How Did We Serve You has been a very beneficial tool for our operations. It is quick and easy for our guests to use, and is easy for my staff to manage. Of course this program is helpful in identifying and improving operation concerns. Additionally, it has been a great way to encourage and rewards staff members for a job well done! I'm a fan!

Barbara Juhan - Owner of 2 The Flying Biscuit Cafes in Georgia



"We are completely thrilled with the service provided for us by How Did We Serve You?, Inc! While we have subscribed for a year we anticipate being subscribers long beyond our initial subscription. Thank you for helping us better serve our customers!"

Steve Lembo - Owner of Dagwood's Pizza in Norcross, GA.



"In the short time I've been with How Did We Serve You? the service has been invaluable.  To be able to handle any issues that arise in house so they don't get posted on a public forum like Yelp is great. I look forward to hopefully having a long term relationship with How Did We Serve You?"

Ryan Finks - Owner of Cheeseburger Bobby's in Atlanta, GA


"How Did We Serve You is extremely efficient and easy to work with. I can always reach someone for technical support, and they have done what we have asked right away! The survey has been an excellent way to keep up with what is going on in the restaurant. We are able to address problems that come along, as well as reward the servers who are getting the great reviews!"


Shannon Mothershed -  General Manager of The Mad Italian in Atlanta, GA




Testimonials from Surveyors

(Testimonials refer to the service provided by How Did We Serve You?, Inc. As we impartially serve our subscribers and do not promote any one business over another, the name of the business a surveyor required our assistance with has been omitted)


Wow! Was not expecting that! We are loyal customers...actually, I held my wedding rehearsal dinner in their expanded room just because we enjoy their food so much....but that is a very generous offer. I'm impressed with your customer service as well. Not something I was expecting from a survey company.

Deidre H.


Thank you HWDSY? for your quick response to my survey. I actually didn't expect anyone to read it or pay any attention to what I said, that's not what I expect when I submit surveys. I was about to post a negative review to YELP! and appreciate you asking me what I'd like to make me satisfied. Thank you for letting me know someone cares.

A. K.

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